Scaffold Supply and Site Services

GCS group has in our group of the most advanced management companies for scaffold in the industry with the most sophisticated scaffold management system ever executed in the field with some of the very best tradesmen in the industry. We are proud of our engineered and custom scaffold design / erection solutions to unique challenges. GCS provides the right solution every time whether it’s above ground or underground, we build the scaffolding to fit the location and the job that needs to be done. Why choose us for your next project?

  • Access to KPI Dashboard Reporting & Analytics tools
  • Create transparency between you and your client
  • Identify potential challenges early on
  • Reduce costs
  • Avoid or limit project delays

Asset & Yard Management

The Group offers a comprehensive yard and asset management service inclusive of but not limited to scaffold yard management, supervision, and labor staff, standard operating procedures, and all other necessary materials, supplies, and PPE to safely and efficiently operate the facility.

Scaffold Execution Planning & Estimating

The experienced team can provide scaffold execution planning at all stages of the lifecycle of a project from preplanning feasibility studies to engineering design services. GCS’s multi-level framework is flexible to meet each project’s specific requirements. The groups scaffold estimation applications produce detailed scaffold drawings, 3D models complete with a detailed equipment schedule, and load calculations, if required.

Project Strategy

GCS offers consultation services based on the size, scope, and location of your project. We consult with project decision makers to determine the best execution strategy and methodology for our customer’s unique scaffold requirements. Consultation Services are part of GCS’s “Value Chain” minimizing costs and driving True Value.

Hi-Vis Scaffolding Management Software

Our streamlined custom software system, Hi-Vis underpins our proprietary management process giving project management the visibility to better understand, manage and control the scaffolding work process without impeding the construction schedule.

Implementation & Safety Training

What type of training will we offer? GSS provides its customers with a custom product familiarization course that is designed to highlight safe and efficient erection and dismantling practices. The course also emphasizes the many distinct advantages that have been designed into all GSS products. GSS can mobilize our qualified training staff to remote locations.

Scaffolding and Work Access

GSS has significant experience with effective scaffold engineering, OSHA compliance, design, erection and dismantle.

A diverse inventory of mobile and stationary systems enables our scaffold teams to respond immediately to client needs, including access for maintenance, new construction, outages, or turnarounds with strategically located scaffold yards to mitigate schedule challenges.

We offer full rentals, engineering and scaffold site services.

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